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1. The impact on our environmental footprint


2. Safety hazards resulting from the formation of ignitable mixtures 


3. Loss of economic potential due to evaporation of company assets

Our mission is to design, craft and engineer technologically advanced, future-orientated storage tank solutions; making our world a better place, one refinery at a time.


At EPT, we create unmatched solutions and systems fostering significant reduction of emissions at storage tank farms and refineries. As an independent product developer and manufacturer, we have complete control over the efficiency of our systems. Our clients benefit from fully integrated project support, starting with first approval documents up to turn-key assembly and 'as-built' documentation for all our products and services. 


To learn more about our journey, dive into the prevention of the "Triple-Loss Scenario" - a principle that has always been of paramount importance to EPT. All of our products and services have been founded on the principle of preventing:





Our solutions cover the full range of R&D, Design, Manufacturing and Installation to surpass requirements, technical regulations and standards and exceed performance expectations, life-time-expectancy and reinforce our engineering standard - zero-maintenance.

Our technical, administrative and production Headquarters is located in Schwedt/Oder. You will find us on the premises of PCK Raffinerie GmbH, Building H122.


The satisfaction of our clients is only the beginning. The sustainability of our working practice and the longevity of our products and services speaks for itself. Our team remains focused on consistent accountability for achieving sustainable growth whilst honouring ethical practice, remaining fundamentally transparent to all stakeholders and continually improving our products and services to provide efficient, long-term solutions.



We offer technically advanced and efficient operational solutions and expertise to fit our client's needs and over-deliver on the results they expect. Our clients have always relied on EPT to significantly improve operational efficiency and, in doing so, ultimately reducing maintenance, repair and wasted energy cost. Although not exhaustive, our esteemed clients include:





Our world is unique. Our environment is our survival. Our vision and mission are our roles and responsibilities. Together we design, craft, invent and engineer to surpass the highest international standards, procedures and regulations to make this world a better place – one refinery at a time. 


Since the inception of our company, we have been steadfast in our commitment to achieving consistently high ethical standards embedded in our core values. Our principles have revolved around the aim to raise the standards for ethics and compliance in the petrochemical industry, which we believe requires review to improve safety, efficiency and overall working practice.


Corporate social responsibility and ethical business practice form the backbone and philosophy of our company. Our unique value proposition in the market drives our genuine passion to not only serve all our stakeholders including employees, clients, shareholders and suppliers, but also our planet and its inhabitants. To find out more, contact us below. 

Kofinanziert von der
Europäischen Union

Beschäftigung einer Innovationsassistentin bzw. eines Innovationsassistenten.

Die Herstellung unserer GFK-Schwimmdächer erfolgt bisher direkt im oder neben dem Tank. Im Rahmen des Vorhabens soll die Fabrikvorfertigung von Einzelsegmenten und deren spätere Montage im Tank geplant und umgesetzt werden, was zu erheblichen Einsparungen von Ressourcen (Energie für die Beheizung, längere Betriebszeit des Tanks, optimierte Montagezeiten etc.) führen wird.


Gefördert aus Mitteln der Europäischen Union und des Landes Brandenburg.

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